Let's be


I'm Daniel G. Loverde, or in short Dany. Yes, with one "n" weird, I know that's what happens when one is born and raised in Belgium by Italians. I am passionate about Jesus, I am married to Elisabet, and we have a beautiful daughter Lillie. They are so wonderful to me, and I love and cherish every second I have with them. Oh, I almost forgot we live in Sweden, but we are international at heart as you might have noticed. 

I have been a leader, a pastor, advisor, and friend for many people since my early twenties. I hold a BA in Theology with a specialization in Mission and an MDiv in Ministry Concentration. I have specialized in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues causing them doubt, distress, anxiety, and stress. Not only that, but I also provide them with the tools they need to overcome and find their breakthrough.
Besides, through Christ & Hearts, I also will give my expertise as a Church Consultant under the banner of Malphurs Group, who I partner with to see my vision to see healthy churches rise come to pass. I desire to bring the teachings and perspectives of Jesus Christ to all the churches struggling with growth.
Since I am a theologian, I also based all my recommendations and advice upon Scripture.

Sound biblical understanding is vital and at the center of my methodology to help people, churches, and ministry worldwide.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my partners. I call them partners because helping them is helping the big picture of advancing the Kingdom of God globally. The people I serve are sons and daughters of God meaning that they are more than just clients.


Finally, I don't have a method that works for everyone, nevertheless, since everyone is unique I will work a customized approach for each one which takes time, effort, and resources. I'm honest, straight to the point especially when it is about seeing my partners grow and find their purpose in life; individually and corporately.